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Healthy Heart 
Veterinary Clinic
to Healthy Heart Veterinary Clinic

Being a family-owned and operated business in Loudon and serving the greater Concord area, Dr. Joann Fontaine is able to offer you that personal touch for which you’ve been looking. At Healthy Heart Veterinary Clinic, we really care about the overall health of your furry family member, and Dr. Joann will take the time needed for a very thorough health evaluation before each treatment or surgery. You will never feel like a number in our hands! We put the well-being of your pet above the bottom line.

Our mobile unit service makes it possible to help those that prefer home visits for either a general wellness exam or a sick pet visit!!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

(Same address, new driveway.)
We are thrilled to share our new space with everyone. 
At this time we ask that you wait in your vehicle and call the main number at 603-783-9411 when you arrive to check in for your appointment, we will then let you know which exam room you can enter from the deck. 

 If you are hear to pick up medications/ supplies you may head up the front steps and we will be happy to help you!

We are asking our clients to please make the easy change to our online pharmacy and help support us!

Use code HH10OFF for 10% off your entire first order!
**Important Notice**
Unfortunately at this time we are still unable to accommodate NEW clients/ patients.  

Thank you for your understanding. 
We are currently looking for a foster home for a hound dog puppy, please reach out for more information.